how does tulipshare

Don't just invest in green companies, use your shareholder power to make your investments green!
Tulipshare engages with companies to push them to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets to drive positive change and create better outcomes for investors and the planet. This can be achieved by working closely with the companies, sharing best practices, and holding them accountable for meeting their ESG targets.

Companies with better ESG credentials are not only doing more to create a better world for our people and planet, but they have on average a lower chance of going bankrupt, more stable cash flows, and are more resilient to external ESG shocks, such as tightened regulation on pollution and climate change.
We identify companies that are not meeting their ESG targets and prioritise them based on their potential impact on investors and the planet.
Tulipshare researches these companies and gathers relevant information about their ESG performance, such as their current targets and progress towards meeting them, as well as any challenges or obstacles they may be facing.
We engage with the companies to discuss their ESG performance, understand their targets, monitor their progress and provide support and guidance. We do this by meeting with company executives, sending letters or emails, and participating in ESG-related industry events and conferences to be a part of the conversation.
Tulipshare works with other investors, stakeholders and leading experts to amplify our initiatives and strengthen our position for success. Our collaborations involve joining forces with other investors to submit shareholder resolutions.